My mission is to infuse your special day with happiness and joy. Whether you envision a simple, elaborate, traditional, or uniquely fun ceremony, I'm here to collaborate with you in bringing your dreams to life.


What truly matters is that your love story is celebrated in your unique way, creating a day that aligns with your every dream. Guiding couples through the marriage process on what is undoubtedly one of the most important and memorable days of their lives is a deeply cherished role.


I offer more than just a Celebrant; I'm dependable, credible, a compassionate listener, and I bring a wonderful sense of humor. I am committed to being non-judgmental and am here to guide you through the entire process, including offering ideas and suggestions for your vows, readings, and the entire ceremony.

Registry Wedding Services

As a validated member of the Celebrants Association, I am authorized to perform Registry Weddings right here on the beautiful Kapiti Coast. To begin the process, please check my availability by emailing me at Once we confirm my availability, you can nominate me as your chosen Celebrant on the Births, Deaths, and Marriages Registry Weddings website.


After you've nominated me, I'll handle all the necessary paperwork and be in touch with you to coordinate the details. If you'd like more information about what a Registry Wedding involves, please feel free to reach out to me at the provided email address, and I'll be happy to send you an information fact sheet.


  • Standard Government Ceremonial Script as provided By BDM.
  • Kapiti Coast Location
Experience Intimate Elegance with Our Package

Our intimate package is the perfect choice for those seeking a small yet exquisitely intimate marriage ceremony. This package includes a host of personalised services, starting with an initial consultation to discuss and plan your special day. We'll handle all the legal paperwork on the day, ensuring a seamless process. Plus, you'll have the option to select your ideal location*, and we'll provide a beautifully decorated signing table to add that extra touch of elegance.


Included in this package:

  • Personalised Consultation
  • Standard Script with personalisation 
  • Choice of Location*
  • Decorated Signing Table

Embrace the intimacy and beauty of your special day with us.

Crafting Unforgettable Moments with Our Bespoke Package

Our bespoke package is designed to create a personalised and unique ceremony that truly reflects you and your partner. We'll work closely with you to bring your vision to life, whether you already have a plan or need guidance on vows, poems, readings, or any other elements. You're also welcome to write your own to make the ceremony even more special.


With this comprehensive package, you'll have the freedom to choose your preferred location*, and we'll provide you with a beautifully decorated signing table.


Package Highlights:

  • In-depth Initial Consultation
  • Follow-Up Meeting as Required
  • Personalised Ceremony
  • Your Choice of Location*
  • Assistance in writing Personal Vows
  • Decorated Signing Table
  • Rehearsal Included*

Create your unique love story with a ceremony tailored just for you.

Let's Begin Creating Your Special Day

Reach out via email or our contact form to express your interest in our Registry, Intimate, or Bespoke Package. Include your preferred date, time, and venue, and I'll confirm my availability and answer your questions promptly.


For a more personal touch, we can schedule a coffee, wine, Skype, or Facetime meeting. If you decide to move forward, I'll send you a tailored questionnaire to learn more about your love story and start planning your exceptional day.

Preparation Time

With both the Intimate and Bespoke Packages, we'll schedule consultations a couple of months before your wedding day. During these catch-up sessions, we'll discuss your ceremony plans, its flow, duration, and any unique elements you'd like to include. This is the perfect opportunity to brainstorm creative ideas or special touches that will make your day unforgettable. Additionally, we'll cover the logistical aspects of your ceremony, address any questions about your marriage license, and offer valuable advice and guidance for your special day.

Crafting Your Ceremony

Both the Intimate and Bespoke Packages offer standard or personalised ceremony options. Around four to six weeks before your wedding day, I'll send you the draft of your ceremony. This is your chance to review it and share any changes or suggestions to ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision. We can discuss these adjustments via email or through a Skype/Facetime meeting or even meet in person—whichever method suits you best. This step ensures that your ceremony reflects your love story and preferences down to the last detail.

Final Run-Through

Included in the Bespoke Package is the vital rehearsal. In the week leading up to your big day, I highly recommend a rehearsal with the bridal party at your chosen venue, if possible. This practice ensures that everyone involved is familiar with the venue, minimizing the risk of delays on the day. Trust me, I've seen members of the bridal party get lost en route to the venue, and a rehearsal helps avoid such issues.


During the rehearsal, I'll guide you through the process, and it's an excellent time to go over key aspects, such as the ceremony's music, positioning, the signing of the marriage certificate, and any last-minute details. Don't forget to bring your Marriage License and Copy of Particulars to ensure everything is ready for the big day.

Your Special Day

As a professional and dependable celebrant, I take pride in ensuring your day runs seamlessly. To achieve this, I arrive at your chosen venue well in advance before the ceremony's start time. During this time, I touch base with everyone involved in the ceremony, making any final checks needed. If the table for signing the Marriage Certificate is not already set up, I'll arrange that as well.


I'll also take the time to mingle with your guests, adding to the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Once everything is in place, it's time for you to shine—the music starts, and the magic of your ceremony begins.


Following the ceremony, we'll efficiently complete all the necessary legal paperwork. Then, I'll leave you to enjoy your fantastic celebration and party with your loved ones.

Why Choose Kapiti Celebrant

Choose Kapiti Celebrant for an unforgettable and deeply personal ceremony that reflects your love story. With years of experience and a range of comprehensive packages, I'm committed to crafting a seamless and unique experience for your special day. I arrive well in advance at the venue, ensuring everything runs smoothly. My warm heart is dedicated to celebrating love in all its forms, and I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way. With Kapiti Celebrant, your love story will be celebrated with professionalism, heart, and attention to every detail, making your day truly remarkable and cherished.